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Solar Pro

A new reason to enjoy life in full colour. Delicious days enjoying meals, reading books, drinking coffee, resting and relaxing, children and games, pleasant moments that bring back memories of an unforgettable space and time.


Discover a luxury fabrics range for decoration and upholstery that gives optimum results.


Do you want the best results for the multiple uses of the nautical sector? Discover the Nautic luxury fabrics range.


A wide variety of technical fabrics. The Technical Division aims to offer resources that are in pace with the evolution of the market in fields as varied as.


A new range of luxury solar protection fabrics that is focused on thermal and visual comfort.

Recent news

R+T 2018

  21 February 2018

Sauleda shall be present in the next R+T edition in Stuttgart.

XXII International Paralympic Meeting - Sauleda Grand Prize

  17 May 2017

Sauleda collaborated with the XXII International Paralympic Meeting held in Hospitalet. Sauleda Grand Prize is already a world level reference between athletes.

Techtextil 2017

  16 May 2017

Sauleda participated in the Techtextil 2017 Show, in Frankfurt. Sauleda presented its Technical Textile Collection and many other products from its wide range.

RD & I

Sauleda’s constant investment in RD&I has placed it in an extremely
advantageous position in the solar protection and technical fabrics sector,
with many different and new fields of application.

Quality assurance

We guarantee the trust you place in our fabrics; Sauleda applies an innovative continuous improvement policy and our company is guided by the strictest quality standards. Year after year, Sauleda fulfils the necessary parameters to allow it to offer every guarantee in its services and products.

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