This toast is for you: bars, restaurants, hotels…
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Fabrics for sun protection


High quality marine fabrics


Wide range of technical and industrial fabrics

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Fabrics for buildings indoor & outdoor


The first fabric to purify the air
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Solar Pro

Performance fabrics that offer solutions in all those situations where it is necessary to have a solar and thermal protection. 100% acrylic solution-dyed.


Outdoor upholstery fabrics. Discover a luxury acrylic fabrics range for decoration and upholstery that gives optimum results.


Nautical fabrics. Do you want the best results for the multiple uses of the nautical sector? Discover the Nautic luxury acrylic fabrics range.


PVC-coated polyester fabrics for multiple applications. The Technical division aims to offer resources that are in pace with the evolution of the market in different fields.


Screens and curtains for indoor and outdoor. A new range of luxury solar protection fabrics that is focused on thermal and visual comfort.

Recent news


  05 July 2021

This toast is for you: bars, restaurants, hotels. For overcoming an unprecedent event, heroically and coming out stronger. Because we want to value the work you do and highlight the role you play in our day-to-day life.

All aboard with the Nautic Collection novelties

  11 May 2021

Sauleda Nautic Collection is the new collection of fabrics for the marine world. You will be able to feel the quality of the fabric, designed according to the latest trends which offers the best performance in one of the most demanding environments that exist.

Josep María Sauleda Parés

  24 March 2021

With great pain Sauleda S.A. would like to inform its employees as well as clients of the passing of D. JOSEP MARÍA SAULEDA PARÉS, who left us at the age of 85.

Soltis Veozip, create a space in the garden with the comfort of a living room

  18 March 2021

We all like to enjoy the outdoors and Soltis Veozip is the ideal fabric to extend living space and create an elegant and warm atmosphere. It preserves visibility to the outside thanks to its transparency and filters up to 95% of UV radiation.

R+T digital 2021, enjoy an International Fair without taking a flight

  15 February 2021

From February 22nd to 25th from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. enjoy the R+T fair and chat with our team exhibiting Sauleda’s new products and innovation.

-New Generation: Our new collection of Solar Fabrics -Green®, the first fabric to purifiy the air. -Many other innovations to help you grow and create amazing projects in 2021.

NEW Sauleda Nautic collection, fabrics for the marine world

  22 January 2021

The new collection of fabrics called Nautic was born from the special relationship between Sauleda and the world of the sea. Designed with great affection, so you can discover and explore the immensity of the ocean through our fabrics.

RD & I

Sauleda’s constant investment in RD&I has placed it in an extremely
advantageous position in the solar protection and technical fabrics sector,
with many different and new fields of application.

Quality assurance

We guarantee the trust you place in our fabrics; Sauleda applies an innovative continuous improvement policy and our company is guided by the strictest quality standards. Year after year, Sauleda fulfils the necessary parameters to allow it to offer every guarantee in its services and products.

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