Quality assurance

We guarantee the trust you place in our fabrics; Sauleda applies an innovative continuous improvement policy and our company is guided by the strictest quality standards.

Quality certifications

Sauleda applies a system of self-regulation through a continuous improvement programme. Our quality certification system fulfils the necessary parameters to allow us to offer a valuable guarantee in our services and products, year after year. For this reason, we achieve excellence in the following areas:

  • The quality of our raw materials and finishes.
  • The warranties covering our products.
  • The protection and registration of designs.
  • ISO 9001 and OEKO-TEX Standard 100
  • Programmes and maintenance advices.
  • Exclusive benefits.
  • UV protection.

Download certificates PDF:
Certificate ISO 9001
Certificate OEKO-TEX Standard 100

Sauleda follows a strict supplier selection process to assure the highest quality standards in all types of applications: domestic, decorative and industrial.

Up to 10 year warranty

Sauleda applies a clear, well-defined strategy to protect its customers and consumers. We mark the edges of the fabric with an “S” to prevent consumers from being offered imitation fabrics. The fabric is marked with an “S”, a necessary requisite to enforce our warranty. We also register and protect all our designs to prevent them from being copied or reproduced. We offer maximum results in:

  • Colour fastness.
  • Resistance to sunlight and atmospheric agents.
  • Maximum rot-resistance.
  • Dimensional stability.
  • Maximum shear strength.
  • Maximum resistance to environmental contamination.
  • Air permeability and water-repellency.
  • Sauleda Warranty.

Download warranty certificates PDF:
Warranty Solar Pro acrylic 10 years
Warranty Textile Agora 5 years
Warranty Nautic 5 years
Warranty Technical PVC coated fabrics
Warranty Office 5 years

Sauleda has tested the durability of its fabrics and we want to share our experience. After many years, checks and tests performed in prestigious laboratories, the results show, that Sauleda fabrics last longer than the years indicated in the warranty. Therefore we offer you a warranty of up to ten years in the case of normal exposure to the sun and to atmospheric agents.

Characteristics of our fabrics


Maximum resistance to environmental contamination. The SAULEDA FABRIC PROTECTOR coating on our fabrics creates a barrier effect, strengthening water-repellency and retarding the adherence of dirt. Important note: agents such as acid rain or bird droppings and abrasive washing of the fabric may damage the SAULEDA FABRIC PROTECTOR coating.


Unsurpassable colour-resistance of the fabric to sunlight and atmospheric agents. Sauleda fabrics offer solar protection of 90% in most designs, and extreme resistance to UV rays. In collaboration with Aitex and the Association of tests for the applied protection of UV rays, Sauleda conducted a study to investigate the behaviour of its designs exposed to UV radiation in its original form and after being subjected to different treatments other than habitual uses and ageing, all the fabrics successfully passed those tests.


The fibres used to spin our yarns which are used to weave the fabric have been subjected to a special antibacterial treatment which is reinforced with the Sauleda Fabric Protector finish that is applied to the fabrics. It is always important to let the fabric dry completely before storing it or rolling it up.


The characteristics of climatic fabrics allow the fabrics to breathe, meaning that humidity and wind cannot penetrate them. A climatic fabric has the following effects: it reduces the perception of heat by lowering the temperature underneath the fabric when the weather is hot and sunny, and increases the perception of heat underneath the fabric when the weather is cooler.


The fabric is made of two excellent materials, with the result being a reversible technical fabric with two sides. It is made in our new plant, in all cases with raw materials of the highest quality. Due to the special weave, the back and front sides of the fabric are different in terms of finish and colour.

Dimensional Stability

During the fabric manufacturing process, a final treatment is applied to guarantee excellent dimensional stability and the fabric is exposed to an extra tension load to guarantee its dimensional stability.

Easy maintenance

Awnings that require little maintenance: just follow our five basic tips:

  1. Remove the dirt with a soft brush from the fabric regularly.
  2. If necessary wash with a sponge, neutral soap and water at a maximum temperature of 30º C. Rinse with water.
  3. Always let the fabric dry completely before rolling it up or folding it.
  4. Do not use abrasive products.
  5. In the winter, store the awning in a cover.
Flame retardant

M1 or M2 reaction to fire classification, depending on the fabric. When exposed to the effects of fire, the fabric does not cause material to become detached due to melting and is flame-retardant, thus preventing the fire from spreading.


Awnings that are waterproof do not allow water or air to pass through the fabric.

Dry cleaning

DO NOT dry clean.

Maximum resistance

The fabric has high resistance to rot and breaking. During the manufacturing process a final finish is applied to the fabric to ensure excellent resistance to breakage and it is exposed to additional tension, to guarantee its dimensional stability.


A phosphorescent fabric that absorbs energy from the light and stores it. It then slowly emits the energy in the form of light during several hours after absorption.


Can be ironed at a moderate temperature.

Eco-friendly manufacturing

The company’s continuous investments in its production lines have enabled it to incorporate modern technologies and next-generation safety measures, allowing it to comply with its dual responsibility to society and to the environment. We contribute to environmental safety by using eco-friendly production processes and treating waste to prevent the polution of the environment.

Quick drying

The special properties of the fibres in our yarns make the fabric dry quickly.


Water-repellent and permeable to air. The Sauleda Fabric Protector finishing treatment applied at the end of the fabric production process creates this water-repellent property.

Clothes dryers

DO NOT use clothes dryers.

Washing temperature

Wash at a temperature of no more than 30º with a neutral detergent.


Air permeability and water-repellency. The fibre used to make the yarn used in weaving the fabric allows it to breathe, thus preventing the formation of unsightly mildew stains. It is always important to let the fabric dry completely before storing it or rolling it up.

Using bleach or bleach derivatives

Bleach can be used in moderate quantities.

Maximum excellence Maximum performance

Sauleda is fully committed to quality and to protecting the environment in producing its fabrics and in its products and services. We use unique manufacturing and design processes that guarantee the highest performance.

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