Sauleda design

Experts in expressing the latest trends that generate attractive visual sensations.

Fabrics play an important part in solar protection applications. For this reason, our design centre is entirely dedicated to research. Our technicians analyse the characteristics of the space, to ensure that our fabrics filter the light and create welcoming atmospheres. Sauleda fabrics give high levels of visual comfort and maximum solar (UV) protection.

The end result is designs and shades that inspire solutions for each occasion. Choosing a Sauleda fabric means obtaining the support of a great brand and the largest catalogue in the market. In each case, Sauleda offers the most appropriate solution for the everyday needs of consumers.

We have the most extensive catalogue in the market and continue to design trends.

We create atmospheres and emotions

Brilliant colours, modern designs, comfort and trends. Not only does Sauleda manufacture awning fabrics, it provides intelligent interior design solutions.

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