Did you know...? Sauleda 125th anniversary - Edition 3

  06 April 2022

Have you seen Sauleda’s pocket collection from its centenary in 1997? Swipe to see each one!

Biomass boiler, Berga - Sauleda, a sustainable company

  02 March 2022

At Sauleda, we are faithful to our commitment to constant innovation in order to fulfil our main mission: “To protect people and the environment.” We carry out environmental protection activities in all our fabric production plants: fume treatment, generation of renewable energy, reuse of packaging, water treatment, among others.

Did you know...? Special Sauleda 125th anniversary - Edition 2

  02 March 2022

SAULEDA’S LOGO EVOLUTION. Sauleda’s logo and name have evolved throughout its 125-year history. In its beginnings, it was called “Lluveras y Sauleda”. Years later, it was renamed “José Sauleda”. In the forties, it changed its name and logo to “Sauleda y Cía, fabrica de lonas y tejidos industriales”.

Did you know...? Sauleda 125th anniversary - Edition 1

  26 January 2022

“It was the year 1831, Josep Sauleda Villaronga, born in Sant Pol, embarked for America. At that time it was difficult to survive only from fishing and cultivating a small piece of land. He landed in Havana and in 1833 began to work as an apprentice in a warehouse. The owners were from Calella and were family acquaintances. After some time they proposed selling the business to him.


  05 July 2021

This toast is for you: bars, restaurants, hotels. For overcoming an unprecedent event, heroically and coming out stronger. Because we want to value the work you do and highlight the role you play in our day-to-day life.

All aboard with the Nautic Collection novelties

  11 May 2021

Sauleda Nautic Collection is the new collection of fabrics for the marine world. You will be able to feel the quality of the fabric, designed according to the latest trends which offers the best performance in one of the most demanding environments that exist.

Josep María Sauleda Parés

  24 March 2021

With great pain Sauleda S.A. would like to inform its employees as well as clients of the passing of D. JOSEP MARÍA SAULEDA PARÉS, who left us at the age of 85.

Soltis Veozip, create a space in the garden with the comfort of a living room

  18 March 2021

We all like to enjoy the outdoors and Soltis Veozip is the ideal fabric to extend living space and create an elegant and warm atmosphere. It preserves visibility to the outside thanks to its transparency and filters up to 95% of UV radiation.

R+T digital 2021, enjoy an International Fair without taking a flight

  15 February 2021

From February 22nd to 25th from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. enjoy the R+T fair and chat with our team exhibiting Sauleda’s new products and innovation.

-New Generation: Our new collection of Solar Fabrics -Green®, the first fabric to purifiy the air. -Many other innovations to help you grow and create amazing projects in 2021.

NEW Sauleda Nautic collection, fabrics for the marine world

  22 January 2021

The new collection of fabrics called Nautic was born from the special relationship between Sauleda and the world of the sea. Designed with great affection, so you can discover and explore the immensity of the ocean through our fabrics.

AITPA appoints its new president: Josep Sauleda Bou

  20 January 2021

The Board of Directors of the Asociación Industrial Textil del Proceso Algodonero (AITPA), appointed Josep Sauleda Bou, of the Sauleda Group, to preside over the Association for a period of two years from the beginning of 2021.

Welcome 2021 Sauleda Magazine!

  15 January 2021

The Sauleda textile magazine is much more than a work tool. It is inspiration for future projects, infinite ideas to grow even more. It is the opportunity to create new bussines areas and strengthen existing ones.

Sauleda Christmas commercial 2020 - A terrace story

  21 December 2020

It may not have been an easy year but we have learned a lot. Above all, to value the small details in the day to day. Now, it is time to start a stage full of opportunities to grow and put everything learned into action. Merry Christmas!

Create your own home office with Sauleda Screen 40 and Screen 50

  02 December 2020

Never before has it been so important to create a comfortable and inspiring workplace in our own home. Designing an environment that increases our productivity and well-being has become a challenge. Discover Sauleda Screen 40 and Screen 50, the fabrics that guarantee optimal sun protection with 10 subtle and elegant colors.

Jungle prints take to the streets: Jungla and Iguazu

  04 November 2020

Eye-catching patterns are becoming increasingly visible both inside and outside the home. They are undoubtedly a very attractive bet, especially if they have prints that include green leaves. In addition, flowers can also be added, which add small bursts of light to the whole.

Great winners in the adapted athletics meeting with the Sauleda's participation

  03 November 2020

03 November 2020

Last Saturday on the 31st of October the Esportiu de l’Hospitalet Nord Complex in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona hosted the 15th edition of the International Meeting of adapted athletics. Organized by the Pere Suñé Foundation and L’Hospitalet Atletisme and sponsored by Sauleda.

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