Can you imagine new colors? Here are the new plains and their Stories (Part 1)

Can you imagine new colors? Here are the new plains and their Stories (Part 1)

  07 June 2018

Last March, Sauleda presented the new plain collection for the SolarPro fabric range at the R + T trade fair in Stuttgart. They generated great excitement at the trade fair and the first impressions within the sector were very positive. Twelve new exclusively selected tonalities that evoke a singular earth element were revealed.

In this first chapter we will introduce four coulors. Each of them has a unique and personal touch and each one has a story behind it...


Inspired by the coldest landscape on Earth, Optik brings that icy touch directly from Antarctica. A pure white able to blend in with the landscape and go unnoticed even from the sight of a polar bear. In fact, to do the color tests we sent a special team to Antarctica whose task was to check the white shades of the Optik. When our team was in the middle of the icy field doing the tests, they spotted a pair of polar bears on the horizon that were stalking them. The bears began to run towards our team, they were helpless. They only had their luggage and a roll of Optik fabric, so their only chance was to cover themselves completely under the fabric.

Today we have them back in the office and with them, the assurance that Optik is an impeccable white, able to blend in with the purest white on Earth.

1069 Optik

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According to legend, a Sauleda master weaver began his trade routes in the Far East by selling the first SolarPro and Nautical fabric samples around the Chinese Empire, when Office fabrics did not exist yet, and in one of his journeys he became fascinated by the beauty of bamboo forests. That is why today we pay tribute to him with this beautiful color inspired by the green colours of the Asian forests.

1075 Bambú

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Remember when you were young, and the first tastes of summer were bright red cherries picked straight from the tree?

Our new Cherry red, will bring back those memories. One look at our fabric, and you can almost taste the sweetness of youth and summer.

1065 Cherry

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Streets, light, people... urban life. 

The excitement and energy you feel when you're in the city.

Hormigon brings these sensations to your eyes and fingertips. It's the color that represents Urban life.

1072 Hormigón

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