Communication 03/30/20 - Spanish Government Decree on Covid-19 10/2020 – 03/29/2020

Communication 03/30/20 - Spanish Government Decree on Covid-19 10/2020 – 03/29/2020

  31 March 2020

Stoppage of production at Sauleda, S.A. until the 9th of April.

SUBJECT: Spanish Government Decree on Covid-19 10/2020 – 03/29/2020

Until yesterday (03/30/2020), SAULEDA, S.A. and associate companies were fully working under strict and rigorous measures for the security and protection of their employees, because the best way to fight against the pandemic we are dealing with was to maintain the country’s economic activity and to protect the fabric industry as well as providers and clients who continue working.

The new measures ordered by the Spanish government has caused the textile industry, to which we are dedicated to, to cease production, including all of our clients’ and providers’ activities, this has caused the stoppage of production at SAULEDA, S.A. until the 9th of April.

SAULEDA is committed to supporting any legislative measure that is in the best interest of society and that particularly protects vulnerable groups. This is not the moment to question any such rules, this is the moment to contribute to the good fight against COVID 19. This is a battle that the country will win with the help of the individual and collective effort of its people and companies. SAULEDA, S.A. as it has always done in moments of difficulty since 1897, will once again be on the side of our employees, clients and suppliers.

The experience of existing for more than 120 years has shown us that any strong entity that is committed to the training and safety of its workers, that fights for the quality of its products, that attends and listens to clients and that cares for and complies its clients demands, will fight against any serious difficulties and because of this, we are convinced that the paralysis of our industry is only a parenthesis from which, with a great effort, we will overcome.

This work stoppage does not mean that the company will stop all its activity. The departments in Sauleda that can work from home have already done so and continue working so that the impact on clients and providers would be as small as possible. In this way, we would like to remind you, that any questions, problems, or requests can be sent through the usual channels or by email to the following address

Thank you for your understanding, in solidarity with your efforts and wishing everyone a brief,, healthy and safe confinement. A cordial and sincere thank you.

Barcelona, 31st of March, 2020.

J. Sauleda


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