Create your own home office with Sauleda Screen 40 and Screen 50

Create your own home office with Sauleda Screen 40 and Screen 50

  02 December 2020

Never before has it been so important to create a comfortable and inspiring workplace in our own home. Designing an environment that increases our productivity and well-being has become a challenge. Discover Sauleda Screen 40 and Screen 50, the fabrics that guarantee optimal sun protection with 10 subtle and elegant colors.

These last few months, many spaces in the house such as the kitchen, dining room or bedroom have been forced to be transformed into offices. To achieve the best balance between health and efficiency, it is important that the space dedicated to telework offers an environment that offers the most satisfaction at work and emotionally.

One of the most important aspects to take into account is to get comfortable in a place with good internet connection. In addition, you should have a desk, as well as a good ergonomic chair so that your posture is taken care of.


Another key factor is light. Good lighting for work is essential although not to excess. Too much light could prevent the correct display of your computer screen as well as other devices. For this reason, Sauleda Screen 40 and 50 are the fabrics that guarantee optimal indoor sun protection thanks to its glare control and thermal regulation. The fabrics play with light, causing chromatic effects and games of transparency that fill the space with character. It is proven that natural light and its different changes throughout the day have positive effects on our performance, since good lighting is essential for working. 

Sauleda Screen 40 and Screen 50 fabrics guarantee maximum visual comfort at your home office. You can see the outside while preserving your intimacy letting natural light in while glare on screens and reverberation (echo) is avoided.


In addition, the temperature of the space also plays a relevant role in people's physical and mental condition. This type of fabric can help keep your room warm or cold to maintain a pleasant thermal sensation while you work. Not to mention the energy savings it entails. The more we are at home, the more we consume, for this reason, it is vital to have more than one option to guarantee an adequate temperature.


With Sauleda Screen 40 and 50 you can create very different environments. There is a regular pattern, a pleasant texture and a range of 10 neutral colors carefully selected to satisfy the most demanding user. 

You can create a contemporary and urban spirit, suitable for an environment where natural materials (brick, reconstructed stone), brown colors and different species of wood merge. Or if you prefer, you can design your own pure and emotional environment that invites relaxation, perfect for minimalist and small interiors. There is a selection of gray tinted with brown. These combined colors contribute to a cozy and refined atmosphere, for a truly elegant interior.

With these fabrics you can enjoy great thermal protection, because solar radiation is absorbed by the fabric and bounced back to the outside. Remember to make the right choice, in the outdoors, dark colors protect, while indoors, light colors protect better.

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