Did you know...? Sauleda 125th anniversary - Edition 11

Did you know...? Sauleda 125th anniversary - Edition 11

  15 November 2022


Throughout the past 125 years, Sauleda has had the honor of participating in the sector’s numerous events and trade fairs, attending customers and presenting all kinds of sun protection, nautical and technical fabric products, among others.

Sauleda has been growing and expanding in work sectors, in order to provide the best personalized solution for all types of clients. It is for this reason that, currently, its presence in all types of national, international and high end fairs is very much required. 

The first trade fair attended by Sauleda was in ZESPLAMA, Nuremberg (1982). Years and many fairs later, Sauleda continues to bet on quality fabrics and develop safe and profitable solutions for people. This year, on the 125th anniversary, Sauleda has attended a total of 5 trade fairs. Our goal is to continue growing and be present in many more, year after year. Our team tries to offer a unique and different STAND design at each fair we attend to offer the best experience to all who visit us.

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