Did you know...? Sauleda 125th anniversary - Edition 3

Did you know...? Sauleda 125th anniversary - Edition 3

  06 April 2022

Have you seen Sauleda’s pocket collection from its centenary in 1997? Swipe to see each one!

- Century was created in Sauleda´s centenary year of 1997, one of the first designs to be launched on the market.

- In 1998, Art Gallery was designed, a source of inspiration for projects.

- Fashion and Protection was launched in 2002, combining style with sun protection, two of our favorite elements.

- Nexus was created in 2006, to connect sun protection with lifestyle.

- Alegría, designed in 2010, so that the exterior could be enjoyed.

- Sensations was designed in 2014, with the aim of promoting contact with nature and the senses.

- And finally, New Generation, a pocket that refers to the new generation of fabrics and projects that are yet to come.

What will be next?

Stay tuned for Sauleda's curiosity monthly!

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