Did you know...? Sauleda 125th anniversary - Edition 8

Did you know...? Sauleda 125th anniversary - Edition 8

  22 August 2022


On October 24th, 2002, the Ritz Hotel lounges in Barcelona hosted Sauleda’s 105th anniversary. At that gala dinner the company’s new canvas collection was presented: “Fashion & Protection”.

The fact that characterized the night was an original fashion show, created by the Catalan fashion designer Joan-Antoni Fábregas. The dresses and accessories that the models wore were inspired and based on the new collection. At the event different and new plain, classic and fantasy colors from the Fashion & Protection collection were presented, which introduced fashion into the world of awning.

Today, 20 years later, Sauleda continues to present novelties and reaffirms its brand character of great prestige at national and international levels.

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