Jungle prints take to the streets: Jungla and Iguazu

Jungle prints take to the streets: Jungla and Iguazu

  04 November 2020

Eye-catching patterns are becoming increasingly visible both inside and outside the home. They are undoubtedly a very attractive bet, especially if they have prints that include green leaves. In addition, flowers can also be added, which add small bursts of light to the whole.

The key to combining prints correctly is to bet on the same color range and mix very different motifs. Remember that when you combine patterns there will always be one, the one with the biggest motifs or the most colorful color, which will have more prominence.

This type of fabric, whose dominant color is green, can be combined with elements of similar shades. Mint greens can work well with big leaves and a some yellow color can add a touch of light to create a more relaxed atmosphere. In this way, we can get a total "tropical jungle".

A decorative trend for those who want to blend in with nature and fill their home with green. A style in which plant motifs come together creating colorful patterns with a variety of designs.

For both indoors and outdoors, the prints can work on multiple supports, from wallpapers, to fabrics for sofas or cushions. But if you simply prefer to add a jungle touch with these fabrics, use them in your awning or parasol and create a fresh and cheerful place.

In addition, they can also fit perfectly with the "raw" trend, which tries to use raw woods, natural and untreated materials in decoration. Together with light colors and understated furniture, it aims to create a relaxing and modern atmosphere. For this reason, prints can accompany this decorative style that is committed to a decor where the natural prevails.

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