Nautic Fabrics: The sea is kind and very beautiful, but she can be so cruel

Nautic Fabrics: The sea is kind and very beautiful, but she can be so cruel

  09 May 2018

Discover Nautic Fabrics, designed by Sauleda to protect your boat from harsh conditions at sea. Sauleda Nautic Fabrics incorporate the best materials and standards to provide an outstanding performance.

"He was sorry for the birds, especially the small delicate dark terns that were always flying and looking and almost never finding, and he thought, the birds have a harder life than we do except for the robber birds and the heavy strong ones. Why did they make birds so delicate and fine as those sea swallows when the ocean can be so cruel? She is kind and very beautiful. But she can be so cruel and it comes so suddenly and such birds that fly, dipping and hunting, with their small sad voices are made too delicately for the sea."

The old man and the sea (Ernest Hemingway, 1952)

The sea is kind and very beautiful, but she can be so cruel. That's why at Sauleda we have created NAUTIC fabrics, which provide an excellent performance to endure harsh conditions when at sea.


Sauleda NAUTIC fabrics are able to withstand the effects of the environment and offer maximum protection from UV radiation. Each fabric has different uses, and for this reason, technical marine fabric experts will recommend the NAUTIC collection fabric that is best for your boat. Trust in your professional installer, who will offer you advice and install fabrics with high resistance and maximum guarantees to protect your boat.


Sauleda Nautic offers an outstanding performance covering the wide range of nautical sector needs.


The SEA STAR acrylic fabrics offer a high performance and excellent service in nautical sector applications. There are 4 ranges of SEA STAR fabrics: NORMAL, SPECIAL, PLUS NORMAL AND PLUS SPECIAL. The NORMAL range offers increased water repellence, while maintaining breathability. All the Sea Star Normal fabrics have a coating that gives them considerable resistance to stains, increases their colour-stability and lengthens the life of the fabrics. The SPECIAL range adds a water-repellent finish to the SEA STAR SPECIAL fabrics, allowing it to withstand more than 1000 mm of water. Its extensive colour range makes it the ideal fabric for obtain excellent results in the presence of water.

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DUO is a specially designed fabric that can be withstand adverse weather conditions; it has a natural appearance, an agreeable texture, elegance, design, is lightweight and provides thermal comfort in any type of boat. DUO is made using raw materials of the highest quality, and a combination of two excellent materials to form a reversible two-sided technical fabric. This innovative process gives it a series of unsurpassable properties and excellent behaviour in marine environments, with outstanding results such as durability, high UV radiation resistance, solid colours that are 100% water-repellent, in addition to the benefit of eliminating condensation and a specific antimould treatment for marine environments. It is lightweight and very easy to handle and maintain. Its special design and surface treatment allow the fabric to dry quickly.


PORT is perfect for situations in which lightweight, high resistance fabrics are required. PORT is the new collection that adds colour, lightness, elegance and high performance to fabrics used in nautical applications. PORT is a technical fabric made of the finest raw materials that has excellent properties: it is durable, has high resistance to UV radiation, solid colours, maximum stability, water-repellent, a specific anti-mould treatment for marine environments, and is easy to clean, handle and maintain. All this allows it to behave extremely well in marine environments. PORT is supplied in two finishes: PORT with a slightly raised GRAIN print. PORT PRO which has a TREND type print and a more pronounced relief in keeping with new market trends.


DECK is the new luxury range fabric collection for nautical applications. It is manufactured using the latest fabric structure techniques, which considerably increases the fabric’s mechanical resistance. The upper side of the fabric is coated with PVC using a special formulation that gives it unparalleled properties in marine environments. DECK is supplied in two finishes: DECK with a slightly raised GRAIN print. DECK PRO which has a TREND type print and a more pronounced relief in keeping with new market trends.

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The main characteristics of Sauleda CRISTAL fabrics are visibility, protection and comfort. The luxury range CRISTAL sheet gives maximum transparency and has an anti-shrink treatment and increased dimensional stability. Rain and wind pose no challenge. Sailing is a pleasure with the protection offered by Sauleda CRISTAL. This sound protection will encourage you to go sailing more often and enjoy unique experiences.


Sauleda BINDING tapes provide a perfect and durable union at the edges of the fabric. The colour-stability of the tapes, made with 100% SOLUTION DYED MASACRIL yarn, is higher due to their high resistance to sunlight, and they have excellent water-repellent properties and behaviour in outdoor marine environments. Their herringbone weave is more adaptable regardless of the shape of the fabric edge where the tape is applied.

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AGORA is the 100% SOLUTION DYED IN & OUT fabric collection created for indoor and outdoor upholstery use. Eliminating the distance between indoors and outdoors. There are many advantages for using these fabrics which are of the highest quality and resistant to outdoor conditions, breathable and include treatments to prevent mould and condensation due to heat and moisture. As a result, the fabrics are more durable and their colours are deeper. WATERPROOF AGORA finished fabric, resists a water column of 1000 mm.


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