NEW Sauleda Nautic collection, fabrics for the marine world

NEW Sauleda Nautic collection, fabrics for the marine world

  22 January 2021

The new collection of fabrics called Nautic was born from the special relationship between Sauleda and the world of the sea. Designed with great affection, so you can discover and explore the immensity of the ocean through our fabrics.

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Living next to the Mediterranean makes us aware of the importance of taking care of every inch of a boat, as well as respecting the environment. For this reason, we have put the new collection of nautical fabrics in your hands.

You can be inspired by our illustrations of marine fauna, as well as with the exclusive photographs of fabrics and marine corners. With the aim of getting you excited about new opportunities and projects.

You can feel the quality of the fabric to the touch, designed according to the latest trends, to offer the best performance in one of the most demanding environments that exists.


· 5 NEW COLLECTIONS: Sea Skin, Maerlin, Harmony, Green and Upholstery.

· 12 NEW COLORS from the SEA SKIN collection. New vegan leather whose finish gives a nice and soft touch.

· 12 NEW COLORS from the MAERLIN collection. New fabrics whose finish reduces the marks caused by folds during making or folding the fabric.

· 17 NEW COLORS from the HARMONY collection. New synthetic vegan leather whose finish gives a pleasant and soft to the touch with excellent quality, durability and resistance.

· 12 NEW COLORS from the GREEN collection, the first fabric that purifies the air by photocatalysis. Now also available for applications in the marine world.

· The new UPHOLSTERY collection, of nautical upholstery, designed to enjoy the roar of the waves, the blues of the sea, the taste of salt and the heartbeat of a new adventure.

· 10 NEW COLORS from the SEA STAR collection, carefully studied and worked to offer you the latest trends in marine environments.

· 1 NOVELTY from the DUO collection, a fabric that combines two excellent materials, acrylic and coated technical fabric.

· 3 NOVELTIES from the CRISTAL collection, which provides visibility, protection and comfort.

We count on you to protect people, also at sea, and to continue growing and sailing together.

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