Sauleda launches New Generation, 90 exclusive designs in fabrics for sun protection

Sauleda launches New Generation, 90 exclusive designs in fabrics for sun protection

  25 October 2019

Included are unique fabrics in design and luminosity are included, such as OPERA or SCOTLAND, 28 new and carefully designed PLAIN COLOURS and the ANIMALS collection, among others.

Thanks to a process that took more than 3 years of trends analysis, textile design and marketing work, Sauleda presents an innovative fabrics collection. It has been a process with moments of great creativity, teamwork, enthusiasm and fun. Although, also of great effort and sacrifice.

The hard work was worth it. Now, Sauleda presents its new designs and catalogues to the market, as well as the new brand and visual identity of the new collection, with the conviction that it will have a great impact nationally and internationally.

Throughout this process, Sauleda's creative team has worked imagining the client’s surprise when receiving the new textile designs and the New Generation catalogues. That is the goal of the Sauleda New Generation collection; surprise the client and the market, enlighten clients with new opportunities, motivate solar protection professionals to create innovative projects, more environmentally sustainable products providing growth and competitiveness. Always confident of Sauleda's textile knowledge and the quality of our fabrics.

Why New Generation?

Sauleda faces the future with the confidence given by its more than 100 years of history, but also with the excitement of the great changes underway. A new generation of colours, fabrics, people, machinery, technology, customers, finishes, catalogues, ideas ... A complete generational change that affects the entire company and its environment. Without forgetting the textile tradition, the yarn that binds Sauleda to previous generations.

The new collection features 90 exclusive New Generation articles

- 28 NEW PLAIN COLOURS. Studied and worked carefully to offer the latest trends in outdoor decoration and sun protection worldwide.

- GREEN, the first fabric that purifies the air by photocatalysis, with a reduction in pollution around 55%. (* Fraunhofer Institute laboratory test, Germany), mold reduction around 60% and a self-cleaning effect around 70%.

- OPERA, 6 new colours inspired by Italian tailoring, Sauleda's tribute to the Gran Teatro del Liceo in Barcelona, for the twentieth anniversary of its reconstruction.

- SCOTLAND, 4 new colours which evoke the nature, music and history of the country, as well as its traditional tartan fabrics.

- ANIMAL, 8 new colours. Wild designs for outdoor life.

- TANDEM, new fabrics with a vintage touch.

- 3 new FANTASY, inspired by Mexican geography.

- 3 new CLASSICS, because sometimes something classic is better.

10 new marketing tools

Sauleda has carried out careful research for new catalogue formats, together with a creative and visual graphic design process. In addition, four photography and filming sessions have been held in unique locations such as the Gran Teatro del Liceu in Barcelona. All this to create:

- 3 new catalogues: POCKET, PRESTIGE, BOUTIQUE.

- 2 new FABRIC catalogues of different sizes.

- 1 fabrics BOX


- The Sauleda Digital Pack and the Sauleda Store APP.


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