Nautical fabrics

Do you want the best results for the multiple uses of the nautical sector? Discover the Nautic luxury fabrics range.

Sauleda Nautic is a luxury fabrics line that gives the best results in multiple uses in the nautical sector. Fabrics made to withstand the harshest marine conditions; Sauleda Nautic fabrics include multiple qualities and treatments to face the most demanding environments, guaranteeing an excellent performance.



It is supplied in 4 ranges: NORMAL, SPECIAL, PLUS NORMAL AND PLUS SPECIAL. All the Masacril Normal fabrics have a finish that gives them considerable resistance to stains, increases their colour-fastness and extends the life of the fabrics.


The perfect fabric for situations where lightweight, high resistance fabrics are required. It is made from the highest quality raw materials and gives an excellent performance. It is supplied in two finishes: PORT with a slightly structured GRAIN print. PORT PRO with a TREND type engraving and a more textured relief.

Port Pro / Port

Sauleda Nautic Port offers multiple uses in the nautical sector, with incomparable results.

Deck Pro / Deck

The new luxury range fabric collection for nautical applications. It is manufactured using the latest fabric structure techniques, which considerably increase the fabric’s mechanical performance.


Visibilidad, protección y confort son las principales características de los tejidos CRISTAL de Sauleda. La lámina de CRISTAL de alta gama, aporta máxima transparencia, tratamiento anti encogimiento y una mayor estabilidad dimensional.

Binding tapes

Sauleda binding tapes provide a perfect and durable union at the edges of the fabric. The colour-fastness of the tapes is comparable to the fabric itself, and they have excellent water-repellent properties and behaviour in outdoor marine environments. Their herringbone weave is more adaptable, regardless of the shape of the fabric edge where the tape is applied.


When a wave breaks the shore and returns to the ocean without leaving a trace. This is Maerlin, the new finish that reduces marks in the fabric.

Sea Skin

Each caress of the Sea Skin fabric is a journey on the surface of sea water. It is the skin that covers the immense blue ocean, as well as every inch of your boat. Discover one of the novelties of the Nautic Collection.

Green Nautic

GREEN® is life quality. The fabrics treated with this finish, designed by Sauleda and Pureti, clean and purify the air by means of photocatalysis. They eliminate pollutants such as NOx, SOx and VOCs.


Navigation means freedom and adventure but it can also involve elegance and sophistication. Live it all with Harmony, the premium vegan leather from the Nautic Collection.


The marine world is an experience that awakens the senses. Settle into our upholstery fabrics to enjoy the roar of the waves, the taste of the salty sea and the heartbeat of your new adventure.

Agora Upholstery Pro

Tejidos de alto rendimiento de la más alta calidad creados para maximizar el estilo de vida relajante y lujoso del acuófilo moderno. Atlantis y Argos llevan a Agora más allá de sus aventuras emocionantes a lugares a los que no había llegado antes. Una opción ideal para muebles de interior y exterior en lugares de alto tráfico como spas, restaurantes, junto a la piscina y super yates.

Sea lovers

Sea, sun, wind.. enjoy sailing without any worries thanks to the quality and performance of the Sauleda Nautic fabrics.


We offer a wide range of applications for this fabrics range. Sauleda provides practical, visually attractive solutions to all needs.

Cockpit enclosures
Cockpit enclosures
Rear enclosures
Rear enclosures
Boat covers
Boat covers
Windscreen covers
Windscreen covers
Sun bed covers
Sun bed covers

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