The perfect fabric for situations where lightweight, high resistance fabrics are required. It is made from the highest quality raw materials and gives an excellent performance. It is supplied in two finishes: PORT with a slightly structured GRAIN print. PORT PRO with a TREND type engraving and a more textured relief.

Duo is the new luxury acrylic fabrics line that combines elegance with the latest technological breakthroughs. Duo gives the highest performance in nautical sector uses, and is the perfect solution for protecting boats.

Specially designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, it has a natural appearance, an agreeable texture, elegance, design, is lightweight and provides thermal comfort in any type of boat.

Duo is a combination of two excellent materials, with the result being a reversible technical fabric with two sides. It is made at the new Sauleda plant, in all cases using raw materials of the highest quality.

Its modern finish gives it incomparable qualities and an excellent relationship with marine environments, with outstanding results: durability, high UV ray resistance, fast colours and 100% waterproof. In addition, it eliminates condensation, incorporates a special anti-fungal treatment for marine environments and is lightweight and easy to handle. Thanks to its special surface treatment, which allows it to dry quickly, it is extremely easy to maintain.

* The reproduction of the fabric design images and colours may differ from the real ones due to screen calibration factors.

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