4 tips to get the most out of your terrace

4 tips to get the most out of your terrace

  21 July 2020

Nowadays, terraces and balconies have become one of the most important parts of our home. People want to be in contact with the outdoors and get stimuli from outside. For this reason, we want to give you some tips on how to optimize this type of space and make the most of it. Follow our recommendations and create your own relaxation and fun area to enjoy the outdoors without leaving home.

1. Combine outdoor textiles

Textile elements are perfect for personalizing your balcony, making the most of the available space. From large and elongated cushions to the small and comfy ones. Combine them anyway you want taking into account their size and color. For cold seasons, use more somber colors; while, in summer, bring out the most daring colors you have. 

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2. Use adaptive furniture

Let's talk about furniture! The choice will depend on the amount of free space you have. Also, if you are a person who favors changes and likes to be in constant movement, it is best to opt for foldable furniture. In small spaces, these can be adapted to the dimensions you want according to the occasion. If what you want is to blend the balcony with your living room or bedroom, the best option is robust furniture, which you can complement with elements from the inside of your home to create an endless living area. 

3. Protect yourself with a parasol/ awning

Make sure your outdoor space has good shade to protect you from the sun's rays on hotter days. It's not necessary to have a big space for the placement of an umbrella. Not only will it provide an adequate thermal temperature for your body, but it is a highly attractive decorative element, present in most outdoor spaces.

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4. Add natural elements

Another thing to take into account, which will allow us to feel closer to nature, are plants and pots. It is important to establish a green space, an area full of life that can be built with the simple placement of hanging planters or shelves for plants. In this way, you can have small natural elements at home, even if you live in a city.

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