Communication from Sauleda, S.A. Regarding COVID-19

Communication from Sauleda, S.A. Regarding COVID-19

  17 March 2020

Due to the circumstances that COVID-19 has caused, Sauleda, S.A. and associate companies are adapting necessary measures to protect our employees from propagating the virus while maintaining production and guaranteeing supply to customers.

Among the measures adopted we would like to highlight:

- The obligation to comply with strict personal hygiene and cleaning measures of the facilities and the supervision of this compliance.

- The restriction of face-to-face meetings and its replacement by videoconferences, email, telephone calls or digital messaging.

- The prohibition of making trips to risky areas and the restriction of movements inside and outside the country, in accordance with the limitations set by the authority of the government.

- The implementation of telework measures.

Sauleda, S.A. and associate companies are also applying special measures for external personnel who regularly work in our facilities. For example, carriers, deliverymen and other external professionals.

These measures include:

- Restricted access to our facilities by those who are essential to guarantee activity of our production centers.

- The obligation to comply with hygiene measures indicated by the health authorities, by these external professionals.

The management at Sauleda, S.A. and associate companies are evaluating the effectiveness of the measures adopted daily and the need to adopt new measures, depending on the evolution of the situation. We are closely following health authorities' instructions with the aim of minimizing risks to people's health and maintaining the company's activity.

At the moment we are not aware of any person on the staff that has been infected and our centers are working as normal even through this exceptional situation. We want to recognize the workers who will continue to be active so that manufacturing does not stop and distribution is guaranteed for a product which has components as seasonal as ours.

We are convinced that with everyone's collaboration, we will soon see improvements in the general situation and we will be able to return to normal in a short period of time.

Thank you very much for your attention and understanding.

Barcelona, 17th of March 2020

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